All you need to know about Deschloroketamine

The medicine market is booming with the new kinds of drugs and medications. One among them being the DCK or the Deschloroketamine. It is a dissociative anesthetic which is sold online. This drug hails from the Arylcyclohexylamine class and is known for the treatment of infections by bacteria, protozoa, virus and fungi.  The dosage is two mg per day. This medicinal drug is also known for producing hallucinogenic effects and also has anesthetic impacts on the patient.  As it is sold as a designer drug, it has become possible for the clients to buy it from the online stores.

More details

If this substance is used for long, it could create possibilities of serious health endangerment. This factor is due to the possibility of deschlororaketamine having antibacterial and immunosuppressant characteristics. Its prolonged use could also destroy the human immune system. This is the reason that constant use of this medicine is not encouraged, which may lead to ultimate misuse.

Descholoroketamine is chiral molecule and the product is often found as a racemate. The prefix des is added in order to signify the absence of a functional group. ( In this case it being chloro). Thus it is named for the lack of chlorine which is found in ketamine

Effects of usage

It has been suggested one that one  be cautious of the side effects of using this drug. It is better to know more about the side effects to combat them better.  Someone using this drug may experience dizziness, disorientation, nausea, lack of motor co-ordination and weight loss. Other symptoms include anxiety, reduction in memory spans and a state of euphoria. You can even start have problems with your vision. These are some of the effects of the usage of this designer drug.

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